1. Term

DAM SUM SPRL (hereinafter DAM SUM) is organizing a sweepstakes from 30.07.2016 to 30.12.2016. During this time period anybody who has reached the age of 18 may participate by posting a photo with the hashtag #DAMSUM, and the tag of three friends to Instagram, or Facebook Application for participation in the sweepstakes is only possible by posting pictures with the hashtag #damsum on Instagram and Facebook timeline

Dam Sum will choose a winner, every end of month, among the participants.

With this sweepstakes, Dam Sum seeks to create a broader awareness among internet users in order to awaken and foster further interest in the Chinese cuisine.

2. Eligibility

Any interested person who has reached the age of 18 may participate in the sweepstakes. Participation is only possible by posting pictures with the hashtag #DAMSUM and tagging of three friends on Instagram, and Dam Sum Facebook timeline. By such submission, the participant automatically declares agreement with the terms and conditions of the sweepstakes.

3. Promotional Representation / Application

The prerequisite for admission of an application for participation in the sweepstakes is making a photo post with the hashtag #DAMSUM and the tagging of three friends on Instagram, and Dam Sum Facebook timeline.

a) Content of the application The application should be as creative as possible within the possibilities of a photo post on Instagram, or Facebook.

With the submission of a photo with the hashtag #DAMSUM and the tag of the three friends, is granted the right to use the submitted contents on as well as in other media such as print, online etc.

Any interested person can submit his or her photo within the published term of the sweepstakes. It goes without saying that the submitted material must be owned by the participant and be free of any third-party rights. In particular, no copyright protected material may be submitted without the express consent of the third party rights holder being included in the submission. The people depicted in any pictures or videos must have agreed to the publication of their images. In particular, should a copyright claim be brought against the organizer after the publication of an image, the organizer is entitled to immediately remove the image in question without consulting with the participant.

4. Requirements regarding contents

Before their publication, all images will be checked by Dam Sum exclusively to ensure that the contents meet socially acceptable norms and standards in general. Any kind of representation that may affect the rights or the decency of an individual or a group of people may be rejected or removed at the sole discretion of Dam Sum. Regarding applications that violate the terms of participation, Dam Sum reserves the right to reject the application and/or to subsequently exclude the candidate from participating.

No claims can be made for the publication of a particular image. If and when an image is published depends on the amount of submitted images, the quality of the content, and other factors. Dam Sum reserves the right to terminate the sweepstakes at any time and without notice. Premature termination may in particular be considered when for technical or legal reasons the proper execution of the sweepstakes cannot be guaranteed.

5. Determination of the winner

A jury made up of members of the Dam Sum team will by the end of every month choose a winner from among the submitted images. The result will be published on and the winner will be contacted via the social media channel.

Dam Sum will base its decision on certain criteria, such as for example the creativity or the quality of the images. The jury will not meet in public. Only members of the Dam Sum team has the right to participate in the deliberations. The decision of the jury is final. No legal recourse is available.

6. Prize

Regarding the entire sweepstakes: the jury’s decision is final, there can be no legal recourse, and the prize may not be substituted for a cash prize. Dam Sum reserves the right to modify or change the prize for reasonable cause. In such case a prize of comparable quality will be provided.

The winner will receive a free dinner.

7. Consent to publication

By applying to participate (photo submission on Instagram, or Facebook with the hashtag #damsum and the three tags of three friends) the participant agrees to the possible publication of the participant’s name on the Dam Sum websites in case the participant should win. Furthermore, the organizer reserves the right to store the submitted material for purposes of documentation and public presentation on the website as well as all social media channels of Dam Sum.

8. Data protection

Personal information provided by the participants will not be passed to third parties. The data provided in the submissions may in addition to the purposes of the sweepstakes also be used for the promotional purposes of Dam Sum. The participant may object to further use at any time.